Overactive Imagination in Process

Create-O Potatoe features three characters that ultimately represent the brand. These characters include Sarcastic Bear, Tator Tot, and Potatoe aka Productive Potatoe. Each character displays a different side of the artist whilst harboring their own personality brought to life.

Productive Potatoe is studious and outgoing, loving a different challenge every day.Sarcastic Bear has one expression and prefers to be left alone to their own devices with a cup of coffee.And Tator Tot, a bit of an extra character, is the little sibling of Potatoe who’s always happy to be around.

With her goal being to educate even smaller or starting artists, Danyel participated in interviews where she talks about her experience as an independent artist, small business owner, and the life of being a black content creator. She dives into the financial impact, starting goals, customer and client treatment that needs to be targeted when marketing, and more!

3D Potatoe Figurine Concept



'Raspberry the Trash Panda' is a flat-style inspired illustration with pieces of grainy pencil and halftone accents. A watercolor medium inspires this piece's background with mixes of blue, blue-green, and light yellow Pantone colors. The color choice utilizes the pastel colors of Danyel's brand, Create-O Potatoe by making the colors a bit more weighted and rich. 'Raspberry Trash Panda' finishes off with accents of pink.

Process Video

artist self portrait


The artist represents herself in a very vibrant and colorful light with a pastel/neon Pantone color palette.

A Closer Look

where there's a bee,
there's honey


This illustration was inspired by the artist's love of children's book designs. She created this piece for her monthly members. 'Where There's A Bee..." illustrates a curious bear on an adventure through the woods with their plants, stumbling upon a cute bee.

Product Photography

The below products were created for monthly member support. The products include a 4x6 white bordered print, a holographic bear sticker, and downloadable desktop wallpapers.

banner design



'Nightshift' illustrates one of the artist's original characters, "Sarcastic Bear," who's hard at work and working overtime with a nice cup of hot coffee on the side. This piece is also an animation using vibrant values of purple with accents of yellow with the focus character being a bright red.


Closer look

product photography

Product photography includes 5x7 print and a 3-inch sticker.

Spottie the Mushroom


'Spottie the Mushroom' depicts a small little mushroom with a more muted undertone and bright pink hues. Halftone and pencil textures are used throughout the piece to give the illustration more depth to shadows and highlights.

m o s s


'M O S S' is a flat-style illustration inspired by polypore mushrooms and depicts a woman's profile covered in them. The piece is rich in color and gives a vertical movement from the top to the bottom.

Closer look

print photography

The background color appears bluer because of photography and chances based on monitor

happy duck


'Happy Duck' is a mix of flat and halftone textures showing a happy duck in many stages. Happy duck was turned into a 5-sticker sticker sheet and a cute little print.

product photography

Product photography includes a 'Happy Ducks' sticker sheet of 5 stickers and a 4x6 print.


mr. bunny


'Mr. Bunny' was inspired by the need to practice flat styles with a contemporary touch. This piece is created with a light pastel Pantone palette, focusing on three main colors, yellow, pink, and white.

print photography

spring showers


'Spring Showers' illustrates a cute duck prepared for spring rain with a raincoat, and enjoying their time playing on the lily pads. The blending color of this piece is green, aiding in the focus of the bright and vibrant yellow chubby duck.

product photography

Product photography includes 5x7 print and two 3-inch stickers (a die-cut with a white border and a clear with a transparent border and raincoat).


kiki the cactus


'Kiki the Cactus' is a flat illustration with a focus of simple shapes and a light color base and pastel palette. This piece also goes along with the UI app design 'Peppy Plants.'


product photography

Product photography includes the artist's digital wallpapers she created for downloads on her shop.

illustration design process

This design process was done using the Figma program.



'You Are Loved' was created using the artist's original character 'Potatoe,' surrounded by roses while wearing a cute purple apron strapped with heart arrows. The piece was created using 2023 Pantone colors. The product photography provided shows the illustration in various formats.

product photography

Product photography includes the artist's 5x7 physical print and the die-cut stickers with pink and yellow borders.



'You Are A Star' was inspired by the artist's childhood imagination and style including the iconic colorful beads often worn on black girls' hair. The textures incorporated in this piece are used to enhance the shadows and highlights.

print photography



'Lavender' was an inspired illustrated portrait for Valentines Day

print photography

mushroom frogs


This project includes two illustrations. One of the Mushroom Frogs floating in water and the other illustration is the sticker sheet of multiple illustrated Mushroom Frogs along with small mushrooms as extra stickers. This color palette reflects a very vibrant yellow undertone with pink accents.

product photography

Product photography includes a 'Mushroom Frogs' sticker sheet of 6 stickers and a 4x6 postcard print.

self-portrait: bhm edition


Published officially in March but created and promoted in February, this is an earlier self-portrait of the artist for Black History Month, representing her style, her brand, and her personality.

closer look

finding spring


'Finding Spring' is an iOS, iPadOS, & Android compatible theme made for tablets, phones and desktops. The theme surrounds a cute bee on a journey to find the perfect flower.


The theme for mobile devices and/or ipads includes 43 icons, 4 medium widgets, and 3 wide widgets so the individual can personally customize how they want. Each icon was hand designed by me with partial usage of Figma!

product photography

The design was created to be simplistic while eye-capitvating with vibrant colors changing between bluegreens and values of yellow.

mockup designs

The mockup devices were created by artist ANTHONY BOYD, however all other designs were handcrafted by me for a personal touch that plays into the theme. Two desktop wallpapers and three phone wallpapers were created to match the design as well.